I will share you with diabetes information

People with type 2 diabetes, I have not had any further tests etc since been diagnosed July 2021 so I have no idea of my levels etc and feel a bit lost. Do people check there blood sugar daily and if so what should levels be and is it worth me getting a machine to check them myself so i can see myself and have something to work towards. Thank you

This is just what I do. Type 2, I bought a machine and test strips even though my Dr. Said I didn’t need to. I was checking about 4x a week, so I knew where I was at. I have came off my metformin last month. Dr. Said that was fine, just check more often now. I check it almost 3x a day. Good luck.

I was recently diagnosed T2D (end of April) On 500 mg metformin twice a day. Told there is no need for me to test my glucose on a regular basis. I have obtained a meter, bought strips etc. and while on holiday was testing daily. I have checked a couple of my frequent meals, the results frightened me enough to get me to change my eating habits! I wish/hope they will prescribe me a meter etc. so that I can get free strips and check a lot more of my meals, that will help guide my diet far more effectively than just looking at lists. Last week on holiday I lost another three or four pounds so I really don’t need to cut down any more on what I eat but need to watch my sugars. It’s only been about 6 weeks since diagnosis so no doubt my treatment regime is going to evolve over time.